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22nd Global Nursing Education, Healthcare and Medical Expo, will be organized around the theme “Expanding Education & Practice for the future of Nursing and Healthcare”

Global Nursing Education 2020 is comprised of 27 tracks and 38 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Global Nursing Education 2020.

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The demand for nursing educators is gradually increasing, because presently there is a shortfall of licensed nurse educators across the world. The most number of nurse educators work for 1 to 5 years in nursing colleges and universities and have generally fulfilled the requirements to wind up a certified nurse, winning a graduate in nursing, for the most part one that places an accentuation on nursing guidance.


  • Track 1-1Nursing care and physiotherapy
  • Track 1-2Teaching, evaluation and learning and clinical practice
  • Track 1-3Family nurse practitioner education
  • Track 1-4Education Trends In Nursing and Their Impact On Nursing Practice

Nurse practitioners (NP) are moreover understands as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) who is affirmed to give confirmation based practice through the assessment and medication morose condition the patients. In acclimating to the International Council of Nurses, an NP/APRN is "a registered nurse who has attired the cultivated data base, grow essential administration aptitudes and clinical capacities for since quite a while prior named practice, in which country they are credentialed to practice.


  • Track 2-1Innovations in Patient Care
  • Track 2-2Crisis and Risk Management
  • Track 2-3Quality and Safety of Nursing Care
  • Track 2-4Nursing research

It is a cooperation for evaluating, encouraging and empowering the new age for the Nursing Education. Presently a day's European Countries manages an extend insufficiency of medical caretakers, coordinated in the event that by a fading development of populace and an absence of accessible spots for the schools of nursing the nation and over the country.


  • Track 3-1High-fidelity Simulation
  • Track 3-2Increased efficacy in teachers
  • Track 3-3Development of a culture that supports risk-taking, creativity, and excellence

Certifications are the most part should be occasionally recharged by assessment or the finish of a recommended number of continuing education units (CEUs). This is often called maintenance of certification (MOC). Some nurses who accomplish a graduate degree (MSN) leave the patient consideration part of nursing and practice in a progressively role. In this job, the person may never observe another patient with the exception of while doing medical clinic examinations, or maybe conversing with a patient or the patient's family about a nature of care concern. Enlisted medical caretakers (RNs) are not required to be guaranteed in a specific claim to fame by law.


  • Track 4-1Online Continuing Education for Nurses
  • Track 4-2State-Mandated Continuing Education
  • Track 4-3National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP)
  • Track 4-4Specialized Continuing Nursing Education Programs
  • Track 4-5Strategies for Continuing Nursing Education

The study of Pediatrics and Neonatal Nursing manages the consideration of small kids and discovering more secure and increasingly compelling methods for guaranteeing treatment for them. A recently conceived infant is an extraordinarily troublesome patient to treat, and the powerless resistant framework implies that incredible consideration should be taken by therapeutic experts.


  • Track 6-1General Pediatrics
  • Track 6-2Preterm-birth Complications and Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Track 6-3Pediatric Cardiology and Research
  • Track 6-4Pediatric Critical Care

Advanced nursing practice jobs have risen in the course of the most recent 25 years in light of two significant difficulties: first, the significant reduction in available doctors; and, second, the rise in numbers of patients with complex health needs.. It is recommended that, with a significant drive to react to the principal issue, with its accentuation on the improvement of restorative abilities, the advancement of cutting edge nursing practice.

  • Track 7-1Nursing care during child birth
  • Track 7-2Quality and Safety of Nursing Care
  • Track 7-3Professional Career Development of Clinical Nurse
  • Track 7-4New Nursing Technology

Basic consideration nursing is the field of nursing which focus on the most extraordinary thought of the in a general sense wiped out or tricky patients Disease anticipation and nursing consideration is the control stressed with preventing nosocomial or human services related tainting, a helpful (instead of academic) sub-request of the investigation of sickness transmission. New imagined infants who need genuine remedial thought are consistently surrendered into an exceptional zone of the mending office called the Neonatal concentrated consideration.


Psychiatry issue is otherwise called a psychological sickness, is a psychological problem or behavioural pattern which causes abnormally either suffering or an impaired ability to function in ordinary life. Mental issue are regular in United States. Around one-fifth of the American populace were experiencing a type of mental issue during some random year which is referred to by the American Psychiatric Association.

There are numerous reasons for mental issue. The qualities and a family ancestry may assume a fundamental job. Day by day educational encounters, for example, stress or a past filled with misuse, may likewise consider. The other Biological elements can likewise be a piece of the reason. A traumatic brain injury can prompt a psychological issue and a mother's introduction to infections or harmful synthetic substances while pregnant may have an impact.

The disorders related with Psychiatry are Anxiety issue, Psychotic issue, Eating issue, and Dissociative and Personality issue.



  • Track 9-1Mental Distress
  • Track 9-2Exploration of contemporary mental health practice
  • Track 9-3Schizophrenia and Nursing Care
  • Track 9-4Psychiatric Disorders

Nursing informatics (NI) is the Virtue that consolidations nursing science with different information association and symptomatic sciences to organize, speak to, keep up, and disperse data, understanding, care, and premonition in nursing practice. Nursing Informatics, control restorative orderlies, customers, patients, the crude human administrations affiliation, and other associate in their essential authority in all display and temperament to get pointed end. This help is skilful using information position, knowledge progression, and insight computerization. Digital health is the union of advanced advances with wellbeing, human services, living, and society to upgrade the proficiency of medicinal services conveyance and make medication increasingly customized and exact.


  • Track 10-1Science of Nursing
  • Track 10-2Computer Technology
  • Track 10-3Health care-associated costs reduced

Perioperative nursing is a nursing claim to fame that works with patients who are having employable or other obtrusive methods. Perioperative nurses work intimately with specialists, anaesthesiologists, nurture anesthetists, surgical technologists, and nurse practitioners. Surgical nurses are the authorized medical caretakers who are represent considerable authority in perioperative consideration for example minding of careful patients previously, during, and after medical procedure. There are various types of Surgical nurse, and careful nursing as a calling can be requesting. Remuneration in this field contrasts, contingent upon where a medical caretaker works. Some Surgical nurses  make pay rates which are similar to those of specialists, while on the other way some are attempted to get by considerably less. Surgical nurses may rehearse in various sorts of medical procedure like General medical procedure, vascular medical procedure, Colo-rectal medical procedure, Surgical Oncology, Orthopedic, Urological medical procedure.


An oncology nurse is a specific medical attendant who thinks about cancer patients. These attendants require propelled accreditations and clinical encounters in oncology more remote than the common baccalaureate nursing program gives. Oncology nursing care can characterized as meeting the different needs of oncology patients during the hour of their sickness including fitting screenings and other preventive practices, side effect the board, care to hold however much ordinary working as could reasonably be expected, and steady endless supply of life. Bosom malignant growth is disease that creates in bosom cells. Normally, the malignant growth shapes in either the lobules or the channels of the bosom. Lobules are the organs that produce milk, and channels are the pathways that carry the milk from the organs to the areola. Malignant growth can likewise happen in the greasy tissue or the stringy connective tissue inside your bosom.


  • Track 12-1Quality Oncology Practice
  • Track 12-2Suppression Immunotherapies
  • Track 12-3Cancer therapeutics
  • Track 12-4Cancer Pain Management

A career in obstetrics and gynecology nursing can be energizing and fulfilling. Obstetrics and gynecology medical caretakers are otherwise called OB nurses, OB GYNs, and perinatal nurses. These experts work with ladies during pregnancy, work, and labor, and give baby blues care. The job of the OB nurture is basically significant during the unpredictable long stretches of pregnancy; OB GYNs offer help to ladies as they progress to parenthood and experience a wide exhibit of physical and passionate changes.


Nursing Health care management include case and disorders management with in the health care organization by taking all the employees working there. It additionally centered around understanding affirmation and release criteria, particularly for dynamic consideration given to the patient. Nursing managing process guide the legal aspects of nomination, supervision and assignment the acceptance criterions. It encourages the employee to do more with fewer resources.


  • Track 16-1Rural health
  • Track 16-2Designing and evaluating services
  • Track 16-3Community Health Systems

Work environment condition assumes a significant job in the presentation and efficiency of a representative. Most enterprises have a dangerous working environment condition and are most time undesirable as well. ... Health workers in such environment are presented to word related ailments, for example, heat pressure, deafness, ergonomic issue and suffocation.



Telemedicine is the utilization of cutting edge media transmission and data innovations so as to give clinical medicinal services a good ways off. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medicinal services that would frequently not be reliably accessible in far off country networks. It is additionally used to spare lives in basic consideration and crisis situations. In spite of the fact that there were removed antecedents to telemedicine, it is basically a result of twentieth century media transmission and data innovations for the improvement of Nursing Education.